Bangladeshi man gets 17 years' jail and 24 strokes of cane for raping woman at MacRitchie Reservoir

A 24-year-old Bangladeshi construction worker who was accused of raping a 39-year-old white-collar Chinese female worker at MacRitchie Reservoir has been sentenced to 17 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane. 

The court revealed that after raping the accused, the accused had forcefully scraped out semen from the victim’s privates parts to ‘prevent her from getting pregnant’, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

The incident had happened on the Lornie Trail in MacRitchie Reservoir, on Feb 8, 2015, between 1.45pm and 3.37pm. 

The accused had reportedly approached the victim to persuade her for sex.

When the victim refused his advance, he brandished a knife  to her throat.

He then covered the victim’s mouth and nose, suffocating her until she blacked out, before dragging her into the jungle. 

Despite repeated pleads from the victim, the accused forced the victim to give him oral sex, after raping her twice.

The culprit then disposed of the knife in another part of the forest, but the weapon was recovered by Gurkha trackers and used as evidence in courts, which sported his fingerprints on it. 

In the process, he had completely ignored the wellbeing and safety of the accused and treated her violently says the court, even ejectulating into the victim’s mouth. 

The victim reportedly vomited after the traumatising ordeal. 

The court also took into consideration that the accused had attempted to scrape out his semen from the victim’s private parts, an act that could have caused the victim to contract a sexually transmitted disease, (STD).

After raping the victim, the accused handed the victim $50, and told her to buy morning-after pills. 

Deputy Public Prosecutor, Stella Tan condemned his actions and said that culprit “acted irresponsibly and with callous disregard for the consequence of his acts,” which in turn left irreversible psychological damage on the victim, who has nightmares every night, and did not dare to testify in court. 

Furthermore, the accused had lied that he and the victim were in a relationship after being arrested, but police could find no records of her contact details in his phone. 

In court, the accused also told the court that he did not rape the victim as she had somehow, died from fear.