Amos Yee speaks from US jail: He is crowdsourcing for $10k to fund his legal fees and life in America

Teenage blogger Amos Yee who has been detained in the United States over immigration-related matters, broke the Internet silence with a new Facebook post, asking users to support his relocation fund.

According to Amos, the purpose of the relocation fund is to aid in travel expenses for his legal team and in his transition to a life in the United States. 

Said Amos in the post:

"Hello friends? Yes I am still in American jail.

"This post is written by me but posted by Melissa Chen, a friend that I've been speaking with daily on the jail phone to organize the media campaign to call for my release, generating as much attention and emotion from my time in jail that most of you are probably familiar from yours truly."

Amos then went on to talk about his time in the American jail, and even posted a video on the 'Amos Yee relocation fund' page.

"I look forward to coming out soon to see all your lovely comments and meeting my dear American friends. I am now able to criticise ideas freely and it will be wonderful, wonderful!" added Amos.