Charmaine Sheh stuns fans by turning 'pirate' on 42nd birthday

Fans were stunned when queen of Hong Kong TV Charmaine Sheh recently turned up an hour late on Facebook Live to celebrate her 42nd birthday -- with a black eye.

Appearing before her fans in light makeup, the star revealed that she had accidentally injured herself while she was celebrating with her friends the day before, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

Charmaine still wore a gauze on her left eye and told her fans that her eye had hurt so much in the morning that it felt like it was being pried open. 

She added that she thought that she had injured her retina, but a consultation with a doctor revealed that it was just an infection. 

Charmaine even joking said that she sought revenge on the ‘culprit’ and laughed at her new ‘pirate’ image.