Chain collision on PIE causes massive jam

Submitted by Stomper Desmond

A chain collision on the PIE caused a massive jam today (Jun 14) at around 4.30pm.

Stomper Desmond who was driving on the expressway took a video of the incident and sent it in to Stomp.

From the video at least 4 cars and a van were observed to have been involved in the collision.

Among the five vehicles, a silver car was seen with its back bumper clearly dented from the impact of the crash. 

Said Desmond:

“Traffic was slower as all of the lanes, except the leftmost lane were closed.”

The police have released an official statement on the incident:

“On Jun 14, 2017, at around 4.09pm, the police were alerted to an accident involving five cars and a van along PIE near Stevens Road. 

“Two passengers were conscious when conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

“Police investigations are ongoing.”