Man gets angry while talking on the phone -- then kicks and breaks hostel door

Submitted by Stomper Chris

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A man punched and kicked a door till of a hostel in the Arab Street area till it broke late last night (Apr 26).

Stomper Chris, the manager, was not around when the incident occurred at around 11.30pm but according to his staff, the man was agitated and shouting on the phone and even spewing vulgarities.

He then took his anger out on the door of the hostel, breaking the acrylic backing before walking away.

"I assume he was drunk and from one of the bars or clubs nearby," said Chris.

"But if he really wanted to show he is a man, why kick the door? Why not kick and punch the wall?" he joked.

Chris came down to the hostel after the incident when his staff who was on evening duty called him, obviously shaken.

He then made a police report.

However, he is appealing to any witnesses or passers-by who can help to identify the man.

"I hope the guy shows himself and apologises," he said.

Watch the video below.