Loiterer at Jurong West takes maid's underwear, then looks right at CCTV camera

Submitted by Stomper Izad

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Why would you take someone else's underwear, let alone do it right in front of a sign that warns of a CCTV camera?

That was the question that was on Stomper's Izad's mind, after the CCTV camera outside his home recorded some truly bizarre footage at 4am on Friday (Feb 17).

The Stomper noted that the camera was activated after the sensors picked up movement, and he realised someone was loitering outside.

"After a few seconds, this person started to touch my maid's sports bra and her underwear," said Izad. 

"After which the person quickly took both items.

"But before going off the person stopped by our front door to look around in our shoe cabinet.

"Couldn't be sure if it's a she or he? But the face is very clear."