E-biker cuts across three lanes at Still Rd, then gestures aggressively when honked at

Submitted by Stomper Kim

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Stomper Kim was driving along Still Road today (Feb 13) when he saw a reckless e-biker cut across three lanes without checking for traffic.

In the video Kim sent to Stomp, the e-biker can be seen turning out of Lorong Nangka onto Still Road.

Without checking for oncoming vehicles, the e-biker proceeds to cut across three lanes, to the first lane.

After a car swerves to avoid hitting the e-biker and his pillion passenger, both of whom are not wearing helmets, the e-biker raises his hand and gestures aggressively at the driver of the car.

According to the Stomper, the driver had honked at the e-biker.

Watch the video below.