Driver of SHA7807T, why didn't you help fallen biker after your abrupt lane change caused him to skid?

Submitted by Stomper Tune

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Stomper Tune was driving along Lower Delta Road last week (Feb 15) when he witnessed an accident caused by a reckless taxi driver.

In the video the Stomper contributed, a taxi on the right-most lane can be seen making an abrupt left turn.

To avoid colliding with the taxi, an approaching motorcyclist riding on the middle lane is forced to make a sharp turn. This causes the biker to fall and the motorbike to skid.

However, instead of stopping to help the motorcyclist, the footage captured by the Stomper’s rear dashcam shows the Comfort taxi speeding up along the road.

After he overtakes the Stomper, the driver can also be seen changing lanes without signaling his intention.

Check out the video below.