Driver honks at cabby for abrupt lane change -- only to get gestured at by passenger

A cabby was horned at by Stomper Nicholas for recklessly changing lanes along Alexandra Road. The passenger who hailed the taxi then gestured at the Stomper.

In a video of the incident that took place on Jul 4 at around 8.40am, Nicholas can be first seen travelling on the first lane of the road.

At around the halfway mark of the video, the cabby can be seen turning into the road's second lane from the first lane.

Thereafter, the cabby suddenly cut back into the first lane to pick up the man who was waiting near the pavement.

Nicholas had to jam on his brakes to avoid an accident. While doing so, he honked at the cabby.

The passenger gestured at the Stomper thereafter. Before entering the taxi, he gestured once more at the Stomper.