Bus catches fire along Xilin Avenue, causes traffic jam

Submitted by Stomper Jess

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A bus caught fire, causing traffic to come to a standstill at Xilin Avenue, near Singapore Expo. 

The incident happened on Monday (Jun 19) at around 3.20pm.

It was captured on a dashboard camera on Stomper Jess's friend's vehicle, and the footage was subsequently sent to Stomp.

In the video, a fire engine and SCDF officers could be seen a lane opposite to the affected one,  beside the road divider.

Said Jess:

"My friend said the traffic looked quite bad.

"The SCDF officers were tying to put the fire out.

"The smoke was quite bad, so we can't really see much of the bus."

In response rto Stomp's query, SCDF has issued an official statement:

"SCDF was alerted at about 3.15pm to a case of a bus on fire and dispatched one fire engine, one Red Rhino and two fire bikes.

"The fire was extinguished by SCDF using one waterjet and two fire extinguishers.

"There were no injuries reported."