Are drivers who make illegal turns responsible for accidents?

There are many innocent drivers out there that have to take responsibility for just being part of the accident. How is this possible? This episode deals with accidents that occur clearly because of one’s poor decision. Is it possible for a 100% fault claim on a single driver? Must both drivers always be guilty of the accident? Stay tuned and find out.

Employee of top K-pop company said to have died from overwork

An overworked and depressed YG employee has committed suicide, it appears.

It's said that if you do this before and after making love, you can get pregnant

In this week’s Mom’s Diary, Gun Mo finally goes out for a blind date! For a successful dating experience, the two big brothers, Moo Song and Jin Ah, come over to share their own tips in relationships. Will the tips come in handy? Or bring another sad story?

Black smoke seen in tunnel -- but here's what REALLY happened

During summer, the heat waves are crucial to vehicles as well as it is to human beings.