South Korea once disguised its airport as Pyongyang to save hostages from a hijack

In this episode, Surprise Mystery TV shares three extremely surprising stories. The first story is about a hijacker who tries to go to Pyongyang. The second story is about the slowest track and field athlete in the world. The third story is about the behind story of The Beatle’s Song. Lastly, stay tuned until the end to find out one newly revealed story and one unbelievable story.

Everything this singer has eaten on-screen gets sold out in an instant

Many people have been rushing to the movie theatre to get out of the heat. New Late Night E News met with many actors promoting their new movies. We get to meet with the amazing casts of “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days”, “Myeongdang”, and “On Your Wedding Day”. We also meet Jaurim as they take the stage at a rock festival. Stay tuned for this week’s entertainment news.

The secret is out! Do toners really shrink your pores?

LIKE this video if you want to see me use blotting oil sheets under a microscope! © CJ E&M CORPORATION

Viewers shocked at how this actor hasn't aged in the last 10 years

In this week’s episode of Section TV, the second part of the Rising Stars in 2018 continues at the Editors of the Round Table. See which actors and actresses are expected to make 2018 their special year.

These climbers take mountain hiking way too seriously

“Same Life, Unlike Dreams 2” is SBS’ variety program hosted by Kim Gu Ra and Seo Jang Hoon. Different couples in various fields share their married life. They openly discuss their issues and concerns on stage. The purpose of production is to find and show the value of two different people living as a married couple.