2017's first and only supermoon lights up skies

Submitted by Stomper Kannan, Kurade, Darren

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The last full moon of the year took place yesterday evening (Dec 3) and it turned out to be a supermoon.

Stomper Kannan shared with Stomp stunning photographs of what you would expect to see out the window, as he captured the gorgeous view of the Supermoon from his Woodlands apartment at around 8pm. 

Stomper Kurade also shared the stunning sight in the sky last night.

Although the moon last night was said to be 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal, according to him, the supermoon is believed to be smaller than last year's event but close enough to be considered a Supermoon due to its close distance to earth, which is known as a perigee.

The last Supermoon sighted was on November 14, 2016, just a year ago. It appeared to be up to 14% bigger and up to 30% brighter and this was the closest the moon got to the Earth since 1948.

This rare event will not happen again until November of 2034, 17 years from now.

Last night’s moon was the first of the three consecutive Supermoons. The next two will occur next year on Jan 1 and Jan 31. 

If you missed last night’s view, it is time to set your calendar for next year’s.

In the meantime, you can take your time to admire the beautiful moon in the gallery.