Sungei Rd vendor punches customer in front of enforcement wardens, another woman chases shoppers away

Update on June 26:

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has issued a statement regarding both incidents.

Referring to the first video, NEA clarified that the woman is not from the agency as she had claimed.

In response to the second video, NEA said that its officers helped to prevent the situation from escalating.

Read the updated story and full statements here.

Original article:

Two disputes at the Sungei Road flea market recently were caught on camera and posted on social media.

In a video of the first incident that was posted on Everyday SG, a woman can be seen shouting at another dressed in orange. According to the video's caption, the woman was trying to chase her away from the area.

She was then confronted by a passerby, who told her that she had no right to chase people away. 

She responded by saying that she was an NEA official, but the passerby doubted her claim.

Read a caption on the video:

"In the first video on May 21, an Indian lady was shouting and chasing the people shopping in Sungei Road flea market away and accused the public of disturbing the stall operator. 

"She claimed that she is an NEA officer but she did not show any identification to prove that she is an NEA officer. 

"On the 23/5/17 I checked with the NEA duty officer in Sungei Road flea market. I showed them the video and the NEA duty officer told me that the Indian lady in the first video is not their officer."

In the second incident that was stitched together with the first in the video, a stall vendor can first be seen getting into a heated dispute with a customer.

The vendor hurled vulgarities at the customer and accused him of stealing a handphone part. The former then started assaulting him thereafter.

A few enforcement wardens in luminescent vests tried to restrain the aggressive vendor, but he still managed to hit his customer several times.

According to the video's caption, the enforcement wardens were NEA officers, but this cannot be established. 

At the end of the video, the customer walked away, and the dispute died down.

Read the video's caption:

"The second video this afternoon in Sungei Road flea market Jun 20. 

"The old male stall operator in red T-shirt claims that the phone battery belongs to him. But the Bangladeshi customer in dark green T-shirt also claims that the phone battery belong to him. 

"I believe only God knows who the phone battery belongs to. 

"The stall operator punched the customer a few times in front the three NEA duty officers as shown in the video."

Stomp has contacted the police and NEA for more information and will provide updates once we have them.