Man calls out cousins for stripping bare granny's flat: You two really can just go bang wall and die

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The grandson of Madam Tan, who rented out her flat to her second daughter's son for a year, only to discover that it had been stripped bare, has shared more details amidst the developing family drama.

Facebook user Neo Rui Lin recently uploaded more photos showing the extensive damage in his grandmother's flat. 

From the photos, it could be observed that the electrical sockets, lights, cabinets and furniture have all been removed.

Even the fibre-optic cables were damaged. 

Rui Lin also uploaded screenshots of messages exchanged with Eddie, the newlywed cousin who stayed in Madam Tan's flat. 

Under the prior agreement, Eddie stayed at Madam Tan's flat, while paying her $500 each month as rent. 

Madam Tan herself stayed at a shophouse in Whampoa, owned by Eddie's mother. 

Eddie had told Madam Tan about a year ago that he was unable to secure a  Build-To-Order (BTO) flat with his wife, and asked to stay in her flat. 

Madam Tan then gave him her consent, collecting a symbolic 'Kopi money' each month. 

In the messages exchanged with Rui Lin after he moved out, Eddie admitted that he was the one who dismantled the house.

He even asked Rui Lin, “got a problem?”

Read Eddie's reply:

“Come and look for me if you want the keys (to the flat).

“(Whether I) return (them) to you or not depends on your sincerity. Don’t ever try to piss me off. I will never let you have the last laugh.

“Let your whole family know, from now on, if you guys want anything pertaining to this unit, look for me. Not anyone else. If I ever hear another news that my sister is being harassed, I’m coming for each and every one of you.

“And you better stand by an arsenal behind you.” 

In a phone interview with Stomp, Rui Lin said the incident had started after his father, Mr Neo Xu Zhen, visited his mother at a shophouse owned by his sister last year. 

Mr Neo was shocked after finding out that his sister was charging Madam Tan $2,000 for rent each month during her stay at the shophouse. 

When his sister found out that Madam Tan had told Mr Neo about their arrangement, she asked her mother to move out of the shophouse by the coming Chinese New Year.

In retaliation, Mr Neo asked Madam Tan to raise the rent for his nephew, Eddie.

Under the new arrangement, Eddie needed to fork out $3,000 monthly as rent or he had to move out by Chinese New Year. 

Mr Neo reasoned that if Eddie’s mother could do such an inhumane thing to her own mother, there was no reason why they could not do the same to him. Moreover, Madam Tan needed the flat back so she could stay in it. 

Eddie subsequently moved out, but only returned two of the 21 keys to the house — the keys to the wooden door and metal gates. 

However, the gates were secured with a new lock which only he had the keys to, and Mr Neo had to engage a locksmith to remove it.

After removing the lock, he discovered to his horror, that the flat had been stripped bare.

When Rui Lin and his father confronted Eddie over the incident, he claimed that he had only removed the items he paid for during the renovation of the flat while he was moving in. 

Despite his claims, he did not provide Rui Lin and Mr Neo any proof that the renovation had indeed taken place.

When Rui Lin asked Madam Tan about the items in the flat, she said that she paid about $20,000 for the renovations 10 years ago, but was unable to recall what items were there 'in the initial stage' as she had not stayed in it.

Mr Neo later hired a contractor to assess the damage in the flat but was told that the damages would be expensive and tedious to repair.

For example, they would need to knock down a wall just to fix the wires that were cut. 

According to Rui Lin, Eddie’s mother had on many occasions, suggested that Madam Tan sell the flat, and divide the money among her eight grandchildren.

Despite her suggestion, Madam Tan wanted to leave the flat to Rui Lin, her eldest grandchild. 

She felt that her daughter’s family had 'enough' and were leading a more comfortable life than Rui Lin’s modest family.

In his post, Rui Lin also mentioned Madam Tan’s youngest son, Edwin, who allegedly held onto her savings of $128,000.  

Rui Lin said that Madam Tan had wanted to divide the money between her eight grandchildren. 

Rui Lin said that Edwin initially refused to return the money to Madam Tan, saying that he needed the money to pay the medical bills of her late husband, who passed away 13 years earlier. 

However, he later told Rui Lin that he was holding on to the sum so they can use to pay for hospitalisation bills in the event Madam Tan falls ill. When Rui Lin and Mr Neo discovered the inconsistencies, they demanded that Edwin return the money.

Edwin visited Madam Tan at a later date and wrote her a cheque for the $128,000. 

He also returned the dowry given to his wife by Madam Tan during his marriage.

Edwin also stayed in the Madam Tan’s flat for nine years prior to Eddie moving in. 

Said Rui Lin:

“We collected the money back but he (Edwin) has not apologised to ah mah (Madam Neo).”

Other than the photos and screenshots, Rui Lin also shared a video of his father confronting his aunt and her children, reportedly taken by a passerby.

In the video, Mr Neo could be seen shouting at his sister and her two children Eddie and Evelyn.

During the process, the trio whipped out their phones to take photos and videos of the enraged Mr Neo.

Finally, Rui Lin also criticised his second aunt and her son for their actions in his post. 

He wrote:

“My dear aunt and cousin doing this kind of evil stuff to an elderly. Destroying her house that she, out of kindness let your son stay in.

“To both cousins of mine, Eddie and Evelyn Tan, you are honestly the younger generation. Not only did you not stop your mother,  you accepted her order to make ah mah’s house like this.

“Come on, when did ah mah do anything bad to the two of you? She praises you two all the time and yet you did this? Seriously isn’t there any sympathy from you guys to an older person? You two really can just go bang wall and die.”

Rui Lin continued:

“I’m not trying to shame him (Eddie) nor am I expecting him to repair the damages. My family is already prepared to pay the cost if they are not.

“I just want them to come and kneel down in front of my grandmother to apologise. This is all I want from them. My dad already challenged them, asking them if they can find a time that my grandmother had ill-treated them in the past.”

Asked what were Madam Tan's future plans, Rui Lin said that she intends to move out of the shophouse to stay with him and his family.