Granny rents out flat to newlywed grandson for 1 year, returns to find home cleared out

An elderly woman rented out her flat to her newlywed grandson, only to discover that her home had been cleared out after returning nearly a year later. 

In a fit of rage, the 79-year-old woman called the police. 

She told Lianhe Wanbao that she has worked, scrimped and saved her whole life before she could finally afford a 4-room flat 10 years ago at Block 79E Toa Payoh Central. 

The woman’s eldest grandson, Mr Neo Rui Lin said that the grandchildren are not close and rarely contact each other.

Mr Mr Neo Rui Lin said that after his grandmother bought her house, she rented it to her youngest son who lived there nearly nine years, while she herself stayed at a Whampoa Drive shophouse where she worked. 

Ever since Mr Neo Rui Lin's aunt took over the shophouse,  his grandmother would pay her daughter $2,000 every month for rent. 

The grandchild who is accused of clearing out flat is also the scion of the current shophouse owner. 

Mr Neo Rui Lin revealed that about a year ago, his cousin (and the aforementioned grandchild) claimed that he and his wife were unsuccessful in their application for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat.

They then asked his grandmother to let them stay in her flat.

Mr Neo Rui Lin said: "There was no formal contract, and they would pay my grandmother $500 for rent.

"It’s largely a symbolic gesture. He and his wife don’t even visit her frequently."

On December 2016, Mr Neo Rui Lin's father, Mr Neo Xu Zhen, 59, instructed by his grandmother, pasted a notice outside her flat, claiming that if the couple did not wish to pay $3,000 rent each month, they would need to move out. 

Mr Neo Xu Zhen said that about two weeks ago, his nephew moved out of the flat, but when he returned on Jan 21, 2018, he found that the unit had been secured with a new lock.

He then approached a locksmith for help to remove the lock.

Said Mr Neo Xu Zhen: "What’s worse was that the entire house had been cleared out. The electrical sockets, lights, heater, cabinets and air-conditioning units were all removed. The water and power had been cut as well. We immediately called the police."

Mr Neo Xu Zhen pointed out that he had engaged a contractor to check on the wiring of the unit, but was told that if he wishes to repair the wiring, they would have to knock down the walls in the unit. 

The elderly woman shed tears as Mr Neo Xu Zhen spoke about the incident, lamenting that she had worked hard all these years to bring up her children.

She could not understand how her grandson could act in this manner.

In response to media queries, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.