Angry driver throws temper tantrum when stuck in jam along South Bridge Road

Submitted by Stomper Hu

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Stomper Hu was driving along South Bridge Road on Thursday morning (Feb 16) when he encountered an impatient driver behaving aggressively on the road.

In the video Hu sent to Stomp, the driver can be seen using his high beam and honking at the Stomper’s vehicle as the Stomper attempts to filter to the left lane of the congested road.

The driver also repeatedly makes threatening hand gestures, including waving his fist and pointing the middle finger.

According to the Stomper, he shouted and cursed at Hu for “blocking his way”. When some passers-by told him off and asked him to calm down, the driver shouted at them as well.

The driver does not signal when turning onto North Canal Road, and then recklessly changes his mind to turn back onto South Bridge Road.

Hu added:

“He used his mobile device while driving to try and get a video/picture of my vehicle. He also pulled up alongside me to take a picture of me. I gave him the thumbs up while smiling because no need to stress.

“This kind of threatening and reckless behaviour is dangerous and should have no place on our roads.”