The heartbreaking story behind being a mum of a celebrity

In this week’s episode, Sam’s family takes a tour around the downtown area in Melbourne. While in the city, William and Sam prepare a special event where they act out scenes from a famous Korean drama. Meanwhile, Dong Gook’s kids dress up in a fancy outfit as they visit a dance academy. Bong Tae Gyu and his son, Si Ha, joins the show!

This Gomoku player can remember his exact game moves from 10 years ago

Have you heard of Gomoku? Meet today’s special perfectionist who plays Gomoku, an abstract strategy board game. Not only is he a perfectionist because of his ranging tactics, but he can also play without looking at the board. Find out how he does it, and if he can actually win playing that way.

'Chubby' K-pop idol reveals how he lost 23kg for his new album

As part of the legendary group Super Junior, Shin Dong has always been known as the “chunkier” one. Recently, he revealed that every time the group makes a comeback, he feels immense pressure to regulate his diet and lose weight.

Is it possible to live on Earth's last uninhabited place?

Dreams do come true. After 7 years of patience, Chief Byung Man finally gets to go to Antarctica. A female warrior, Jeon Hye Bin, and Byung Man’s right hand man, Kim Young Kwang, join the Antarctica Expedition Team. They must survive in Antarctica solely on solar power.