5 celebrities get stranded in rural Nepal with no money and a flight to catch

Kim Su Ro, Um Ki Joon, Kim Tae Won, Yoon Jeong Su, Choi Min Yong and Niel are well known celebrities who can be recognized anywhere in Korea. They are dropped off in the middle of nowhere and they have to make their way back home within 72 hours without any money. This trip’s purpose is to focus on happiness away from materialistic pleasure.

Shave years off your face with this simple eyebrow trick

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! The popular and trendy straight eyebrows! It's worn by many popstars, actors and actresses. This tutorial is going to show you a step by step to achieve this look. It makes you look younger and more approachable. Enjoy :)

This cup of Oolong tea isn't as simple as it looks

Mr. Baek goes to Tokyo to eat a variety of popular dishes such as tonkotsu ramen, tsukemen, okonomiyaki, monjayaki, and yakiniku with cold draft beer. He goes to Tokyo train station and buys different bentos known as ekiben, then he enjoys them at a park. A group of young children try the monjayaki that Young Chul makes.

Woman who falsely accused Korean actor of sexual assault found innocent of libel

In this episode of Entertainment Weekly, issues, rumors, and keywords that were covered in the first half of 2017 are summarised.