This playground was left behind since the Soviet Era -- but is still in use

Continuing their journey in Transnistria, Mun Mun and Bonde visit a local village with the guidance of Dima, a local citizen, from where Mun Mun and Bonde experience the hospitality and simplicity of the local people.

Police reveal findings on whether late singer's wife killed his daughter

In this episode of Entertainment Weekly, some ongoing issues within the industry are updated.

Instant ramen addicts out there will love this machine

In this episode, the Busan's Idiots take the tour from Han River to 63 Building.

Strange 4-legged creature spotted by driver on road

Black Box X-file covers the disasters caused by DUI. An informer is crashed by a drunk driver without a chance to dodge. This kind of accident gives the victim serious trauma and aftereffects. Meanwhile, some drivers meet strange and unexpected objects on the roads.