These unimaginable torture methods were used in the 20th century

Continuing their journey, Colin and Snowy visits the palace of San Marino, where the parliament and government offices are located in. They also go to see the three famous towers in the same old town area.

These actresses take their evil deeds to a new level

This week, New Late Night E News covers special news over the Chuseok holiday. Dong Heon prepares & observes the trend of the Chuseok box office over the last ten years. So Hee meets Lee Joon who will join the military in two weeks. Gi Ju reviews the famous drama, “Unni is Alive”.

Hosts says that this lady has the worst problem they've ever seen

Today's episode welcomes K.will, Kang Nam, Kang Tae Oh, and Hur Young Ji. Joining the program today are a wife who is worried about her husband wanting to be a celebrity, a daughter who is tired of looking after her immature mother, and a wife who has to put up with her husband's love for singing.

Fathers share their pain of raising a son as compared to a daughter

All the children gather to study at a Korean traditional school.