Korean celebrity dies in suspected act of arson in nightclub

Comedian Kim Tae Ho has been killed in a fire at a nightclub. He was 51. The fire killed 3 and injured more than 30.

You probably won't be able to guess the relationship between these 2 people

In this episode of the Mystery Ranking Show 1,2,3, families with huge age gaps are invited to the show. The reasoners must rank the families in order of how big the age gap is. Can you guess which family has the biggest age gap?

Is this the kind of people you're embarrassed of at the swimming pool?

Sung Hoon finally takes a break after his long schedule. First, he tries to clean out the house. Then, his personal trainer calls for him to do some swim training. How will his day go?

No driver was found in this mysterious car travelling on the road

On the road where unexpected things happen without warning, your safety is not guaranteed although you may be driving with care. Today in Men in Black Box, we take a look at unexpected accidents that took the drivers by surprise.

Will you try any of these unique breakfast cereals?

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