Ariana Grande under fire for poor attitude during recent concert in Korea

In this episode of Entertainment Weekly, many young idols and actors are interviewed. The show joins Girls' Generation on their 10th anniversary celebration. A young star, Ko Kyung Pyo appears on Guerilla Date to treat the fans. In Veteran, a seasoned supporting actor, Park Hyuk Kwon is investigated.

BIGBANG's Taeyang reveals his shocking obsession for pyjamas

Taeyang of Big Bang shares his day in life. He plants flowers in his garden and goes to his agency for a dance practice. He shows off his dabbing skill as he dances along to his song, "Good Boy". In Bangkok, Kian84 learns Muay Thai for the first time. As Kian84 fights his opponent from New York, he taunts him with his poor English.

This vegan pizza uses fake cheese -- but you can't tell the difference

Follow Christian and Hailey on their last day in New York, as they try out some vegan pizza and non-dairy alternatives, as well as taking a tram ride to Roosevelt Island.

Hong Kong filming crew mobbed and beaten up in Somaliland

After some unexpected incidents, Ah Mui and Mun Mun are able to meet with a minister and experience a different side of Somaliland.