Guy goes for a pee -- and causes fire on the road

On expressways, there are shoulders where you can use the space for emergency use. However, drivers often pull over there and utilize that space for different reasons. This can lead to fatal accidents.

Have you seen a 'convertible car' that cannot reverse?

In this episode, Ji Hun and Jung Won partner up and fly over to Northern California. They rent a convertible and drive around Lombard Street and get to taste Pier 39’s well-known seafood set.

Here's what causes this pasta to be pink

"Hello! This is from Sunnyside of Seoul! Today, I will be showing the prettiest Kroean cafes and pink pasta!

2 seconds is all it takes to prevent this from happening

When drivers stop to follow road regulations, it might lead to fatal accidents. Driving while following the law is critical, and when you start ignoring traffic lights, it can cause accidents that could have been prevented. We look into why such accidents occur and how they can be prevented.